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The Compliance Complexity Index 2018

16 July 2018

Meeting the global challenge of evolving corporate compliance

Compliance is becoming more important as a variable that senior decision-makers must consider when choosing international expansion locations. At the same time, legal and tax teams need to know what jurisdictions are complex for handling compliance issues.

The TMF Group Compliance Complexity Index gives a detailed understanding of the changing picture for corporate compliance in 84 jurisdictions, as well as across continents and globally. It takes the pulse of a sector that is increasingly at the centre of change, growing at a crucial speed and fundamental time.

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  • 84 jurisdictions ranked according to their complexity for corporate compliance.
  • how global changes – in the spirit of greater financial transparency – have defined the compliance landscape.
  • why the UAE ranked as the most complex jurisdiction in the world for corporate compliance and why Ireland came in as the easiest.
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