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TMF Group has been closely following the OECD/G20’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project since its launch in 2013. Following the release of the final package of measures to reform the international tax system, we will continue to adjust our operations to help maintain our clients’ compliance with all relevant international and local rules and regulations.

TMF Group only tolerates activities that are fully compliant with the widely-accepted international standards, and those that embody our corporate values of excellence and integrity.


  • Established in 1988, TMF Group has grown from its original Dutch trust roots into a trusted global business operator with more than 120 offices in over 80 countries.
  • TMF Group’s core business is providing compliance and competitiveness for companies of all sizes and sectors which engage in cross-border trade.


  • TMF Group’s wide portfolio comprises accounting and tax, HR and payroll and corporate secretarial and legal administrative services.
  • It is in the interest of both us and our customers that we take the opportunity to review and adapt these services on an ongoing basis and bring them into line with the highest international standards.
  • TMF Group offers its clients customised, local support every step of the way: from a growing company’s incorporation and establishment in a new jurisdiction, to its ongoing filing and reporting requirements and implementation of future expansion plans. Our compliance is your compliance.


  • Since the start, TMF Group has held a very strict compliance policy for client acceptance. Recently, TMF Group has been able to transform this internal strength into a “Know Your Client” (KYC) service to be offered as a complete sourcing solution to clients. The service consists of an exhaustive client due diligence and screening program, including stringent checks on: the client’s financial situation and compliance with legislation, substance requirements and identification of the beneficial owner (UBO), and the origin of funds and business and reputational insights. This information is periodically reassessed and updated.


  • Since the OECD’S 2013 launch of the review of the international tax system, TMF Group has closely followed developments and adapted its operations in line with individual countries moves to address the 15 key areas of the BEPS action plan. In doing so, keeping both TMF Group and its clients in full compliance
  • TMF Group supports the push to handle the consequences of tax agreements to create a level playing field for emerging countries and smaller enterprises; and for companies operating internationally to meet their obligations with regard to the total amount of tax paid.

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