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Services for: Accounting, HR and payroll and Tax Compliance

provided in: Taiwan


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External solutions help technology start-up to maximise resources in global expansion

Cambrios shares how TMF Group has helped them to expand their global footprint with minimum internal resources.

 Says David Yao, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Cambrios: “We started everything from scratch in Taiwan. As a technology start-up, we wanted to explore the possibility of working with Taiwanese original equipment manufacturers. It would enable us to place our breakthrough products into the supply chain of some of the biggest consumer electronics brands in the world.”

“Although the scale of our operation in Taiwan is streamlined, the back office functions that we need to handle are the same regardless of the size of our office. We still need to take care of our payroll, accounting and tax compliance related matters. And it is time consuming and not cost efficient to handle these functions on our own.”

“TMF Group has given us an instant solution to the problems we faced in our international expansion. They have helped us to ease the burden of our back office and compliance, maximise our resources while allowing us to operate efficiently within minimum budget. With administrative and operational functions being taken care off, we can focus 100% of our attention on the strategic planning and business networking in Taiwan.”

“Due to TMF Group’s local knowledge, excellent services and dedicated workforce, we went on to work with them when we setup our third offshore office in Korea. We are looking at China now and I know TMF Group has a wide network of offices there too. So we will definitely work with them in our next expansion.”

View the full case study here > 

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