Know your client (KYC) services

The effects of global terrorism, large scale fraud and money laundering have fuelled a high degree of uncertainty and instability in our business environment. Stringent laws relating to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and anti-terrorism imposed by governments globally have forced businesses to take a hard look at their operations and the relationships that they foster in order to proactively manage their risk exposure.

As well as costly litigation, large fines and lawful punishments, successful money launderers may also cause incalculable damage to corporate and professional reputations.

As a result, “Know Your Client” standards have developed globally, even becoming a legal requirement in some jurisdictions.

The “Know” implies that a business will carry out due diligence on a client to verify that they are who they say they are and to prevent theft fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

In the face of these risks, it is essential that you adopt a long-term vision in order to proactively respond and achieve a real competitive advantage. Taking this strategic approach will ensure you are able to successfully manage your reputational risk, build healthier customer relationships and maximise your long term business potential.

Helping you with customer due diligence

We can help your business to respond to these tough challenges with ease. We can readily offer an independent assessment on compliance within “Know Your Client” rules, giving you peace of mind when it comes to customer due diligence.

Drawing upon our track record of success in delivering compliance services to businesses for more than 20 years, our specialist teams will help to ensure that you are both protected from immediate risks and positioned to grow your business potential. Our truly global presence allows us to manage your KYC processes efficiently. We provide the timely information and analysis you need to start and build your long-term relationships with your own clients.

Using the internal expertise of our Group Compliance team, based in Brunnen, Switzerland, together with our tools (SEO and World Check), we can offer you an assessment on the origin of funds, financial situation, business and reputational insights in relation to the companies you work with.

Our KYC service

What are the benefits of this service?

  • Preventative measures against exposure to sanctions
  • Full compliance with legislative requirements
  • Minimise reputational risk
  • Demonstrate your business vigilance and quality procedures
  • Promote trust and growth of stable business relationships
  • Minimise costs and maximise efficiencies by outsourcing KYC
  • Independent assessment of risk profile
  • Maximise your ratings with rating agencies, supervisors, authority
  • Easy access to client data via web reporting
  • Simplified coordination through a single point of contact – global coordination, local delivery

What services are included?

  • Customer due diligence and screening
  • Registration and maintenance of identification and due diligence documents
  • Reporting
  • Periodical re-assessment and updating of information

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