Tax compliance

For companies doing business across borders, Managing tax compliance has become increasingly complex with constantly changing assurance, regulatory and tax compliance requirements across multiple jurisdictions. Add the lack of harmonisation between the jurisdictions, and the burden can quickly seem overwhelming.

TMF Group is here to help. We focus on supporting companies with their tax compliance while ensuring that the risk is managed effectively. Our specialist tax professionals around the world are experts at managing both direct (Corporate Income Taxes) and indirect tax compliance (VAT, GST, Sales Taxes, IPT etc.).

We also increasingly help international companies manage their Withholding Tax obligations. Every year, we complete over 200,000 tax filings across most jurisdictions, ensuring the reporting is complete, all deadlines are met and that clients have full control and transparency of the whole process. We can also manage local payments directly through our secure, client accounts. This includes a single, expert point-of-contact for all reporting, co-ordinating all declarations so you can stay focused on your own business.

Value Added Tax compliance

TMF Group is the largest independent provider of Value Added Tax compliance (VAT compliance), and VAT recovery services. Operating out of our 100+ offices worldwide, we can help keep you compliant with the numerous local requirements. Find out more about how we can help your business meet its Value Added Tax compliance obligations globally by visiting TMF Group’s dedicated VAT service page.

When it comes to Value Added Tax compliance across the European Union (EU) and beyond, the reporting requirements can keep you from focusing on your core business.

Each country has its own specific rules for companies looking to register for a local VAT number, which are often difficult to deal with due to language and administrative barriers.

Once registered, companies are required to submit periodic Value Added Tax compliance returns and make regular VAT payments. Each country has highly detailed requirements, enforced with tough penalties and interest charges for infringement. These requirements are also subject to constant changes, potentially making them difficult for businesses to follow.

Finally, some businesses operating across borders may incur foreign VAT that they cannot reclaim through their domestic VAT returns.

Insurance Premium Tax compliance

Find out more about how TMF Group can help with meeting Insurance Premium Tax compliance obligations and calculating taxes quickly and accurately across Europe and beyond by visiting our dedicated IPT services page.

When it comes to IPT across the EU and beyond, the reporting obligations can be a burden. Insurance companies and captives providing multi-jurisdictional risk cover often face the requirement to register for, collect and pay European or international IPT in each tax jurisdiction in which they are operating.

We are the largest independent provider of Insurance Premium Tax compliance services and can help keep you compliant with all the numerous local requirements.

Corporate Income Tax compliance

Working alongside our Accounting & Reporting teams, our Corporate Income Tax (CIT) experts are able to ensure that clients’ direct tax reporting obligations are fully met wherever they are operating local, taxable companies. They can also work directly with clients’ local accounting teams or shared service centres where only an outsourced tax compliance service is required.

Our CIT services include:

  • Preparing and full approval of tax filings
  • Submission to the appropriate authorities
  • Managing payments of tax liabilities on behalf of clients
  • Handling basic questions, notices or assessments from the tax offices

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