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Each new region that your business moves into comes with a unique work culture and set of practices that are largely shaped and directed by the values held in local society.

TMF Group has experts in more than 120 offices and 80 countries across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Our local knowledge extends beyond the back office to key cultural insights that will help your business grow.

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Business culture in France:

Bastille Day France

Doing Business during Ramadan:

How to do business during Ramadan

TMF Group experts in the Middle East and Asia provide an update on last year's guide to best business practice to avoid potential risks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Read more >


Gain insight from TMF Group's Global Sales Commercial Director Lennart Bottenberg. Born in the Netherlands, he has been based in the Middle East for almost a decade. Read more>

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How do business hours change during Ramadan?

Muslims all over the world observe Ramadan but the potential impact on business can vary greatly between jurisdictions.