Private clients

Managing your personal wealth effectively requires constant evaluation and sophisticated solutions. At TMF Group our specialist private client teams create and administer services that will provide for extended families, manage multiple and complex cross-border assets, navigate tax and regulatory issues and plan for estate and business succession.

We have one common goal: to create and maintain solutions that protect and enhance your assets. We can establish and administer wealth planning structures and provide full trustee, foundation and corporate management services.

We are also able to incorporate and administer Special Purpose Vehicles, facilitate probate and estate administration services and register private and commercial vessels. Additionally, we can carry out tax and regulatory compliance, and offer investment manager selection and analytical performance reporting.

As an independent third party, we work closely with accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, tax consultants and other financial service providers without complications arising over corporate governance or local regulator restrictions.

Our services

Estate and inheritance planning

Our solutions can mitigate probate procedures and allow for estate protection and succession planning for future generations.

Family business ownership and succession planning

We can make arrangements for the retention and management of a family business.


A trust or foundation structure can be an excellent way of safeguarding private information and preventing your activities from becoming public knowledge.

Tax planning

We can set up trusts, foundations and managed companies as tax effective planning solutions for estate duties, inheritance tax, capital gains tax deferral and income tax.

Cross border activity

Our extensive worldwide network enables us to provide a full range of services in the main markets you choose, while simultaneously keeping you informed of opportunities and changes in legislation, taxation and compliance regimes which may affect and/ or benefit you.

Consolidation of assets

Families often have a variety of asset types from real estate and private company shares to investable assets held with a number of different asset or investment managers, banks and other institutions. We can keep track of these assets, monitor their performance and maintain records.

Asset Protection

We can help provide protection against claims from personal or business creditors.


We can create structures which facilitate the donation of money or goods to support a charitable cause or maintain philanthropic purposes over the longer term.

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