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For companies doing business across borders, Tax is fast becoming one of the single largest compliance burdens and expense items. Hard-pressed governments across the world see raising tax rates, or increased audits and administrative requirements to trigger fines and interest penalties, as a key component of supporting their revenue bases. Add the lack of harmonisation between the jurisdictions, and the burden can quickly seem overwhelming.

TMF Group is here to help. Our specialist tax professionals around the world are experts at managing both direct (Corporate Income Taxes) and indirect tax (VAT, GST, Sales Taxes, IPT etc.) compliance. We also increasingly help international companies manage their Withholding Tax obligations. Every year, we complete over 200,000 tax filings across most jurisdictions, ensuring the reporting is complete, all deadlines are met and that clients have full control and transparency of the whole process. We can also manage local payments directly through our secure, client accounts. This includes a single, expert point-of-contact for all reporting, co-ordinating all declarations so you can stay focused on your own business.

Insurance Premium Tax Compliance and Fiscal Representation

IPT services: global compliance simplified

Let Europe’s largest fiscal rep network guide you through the labyrinth of insurance premium tax

Insurers and captives providing multi-jurisdictional cover face complex and time-consuming IPT liabilities. Add in language and business culture barriers, and the obstacles look insurmountable.

TMF Group’s IPT Services can help.

Operating through TMF Group’s 36 European offices, we are the largest and longest established independent provider of IPT fiscal representative services.

With professionals on the ground in regular, direct contact with the tax authorities, we keep on top of changes as they happen. This also means we can provide the best practical solutions to local issues for our clients.

What can we do to help

TMF Group offers Europe’s leading IPT services.

Global IPT settlements

For insurers, brokers and captives providing global risk cover, we can assist with the settlement of local taxes using our network of more than 100 offices worldwide and our trusted partner group in other territories.

Single point of contact

We can offer a convenient single contact point, with efficient contractual and billing arrangements. This means our clients need only deal with a single professional to secure their international IPT requirements.

Our IPT compliance services

  • Registration with each tax authority where applicable
  • Assistance with tax calculations and settlements with the tax authorities
  • Managing filings and payments through local bank accounts
  • Taking care of Parafiscal Charges and Stamp Duty
  • Handling queries from the authorities, including managing tax audits
  • Regular briefings on changes in rates and tax authorities’ methodologies

Indirect Taxes

VAT and GST registration

Each country has its own specific rules for companies looking to register for a local VAT number, submit regular returns and make payments correctly. We can help your business to secure foreign VAT and GST registration at a competitive level. In recent years we have obtained thousands of VAT numbers through our staff on the ground working with local tax authorities; this means your VAT number application will be in the hand of experts and will progress as efficiently as possible.

Global VAT and GST returns

Once registered, companies are required to submit periodic filings and make regular VAT payments. Each country has highly detailed requirements, enforced with tough penalties and interest charges for infringement. We are on top of the rules, and can help ensure your business stays fully compliant while removing anxieties over potential delays or penalties in your VAT or GST returns.

Reclaiming VAT and GST

Companies operating across borders may incur foreign VAT which they cannot reclaim through their domestic VAT returns. Our European teams are experts in recovering money quickly and without fuss, ensuring your cash flow distribution is kept to a minimum.

EU-specific services

EU VAT registrations

If your business is trading goods or services in Europe, you are required to be compliant with the VAT rules of the country in which you trade. Most EU countries don’t require you to register for VAT locally, and instead allow provision of taxable supplies to be recorded under your customer’s VAT number. But there are still certain situations where you are obliged to obtain a VAT number in a country in which you are trade - for example, if you’re buying and selling goods locally or importing goods into the European Union for the first time.

You need to apply to the local tax authorities to obtain a VAT number, which you can then present to your trading partners – but it’s not a simple task, requiring submission of many documents such as company formation paperwork before you can secure a number. All is not lost: our local VAT professionals can apply for VAT numbers and help speed up this process for you.

EU VAT returns

If you are trading goods, and sometimes services, across European borders, you may be required to complete country VAT returns. These typically ask for details of trading sales, as well as the values in local currency of each transaction. Each entry must be compliant with the local VAT rules, which are guided by the EU VAT Directive legislation. We have more than 20 years’ experience in preparing VAT returns for thousands of clients – both EU and non-EU businesses. We can take you through each step of the process, tapping into the local expertise of our VAT professionals across Europe.


To report the movement of goods within the EU, companies may be required to complete a periodic (usually monthly) Intrastat report. This includes not only goods sold, but also goods moved between branches of the same company – such as between warehouses for onward sale. The Intrastat filing gives details of each shipment - including detailed trade classification of goods, quantities, shipping costs and country of departure/arrival - and there are many exemptions which, again, vary between countries. Reporting thresholds for each EU country also vary.

EC Sales List

Sales to EU customers outside of a company's home state may have to be reported on the EC Sales List (ECSL). Typically filed on a quarterly basis - although this varies around the EU - the ECSL details the customers' names, local VAT registration number and the value of the taxable supplies. Reporting thresholds for each EU country vary.

Insurance Premium Taxes

Taxes on insurance premiums (IPT) are levied across the world on most classes of risks. Life insurance is often exempt, and reinsurance is almost always not within the scope of IPT. Unlike VAT, the EU does not set the rules for a European IPT scope or rates, and leaves this up to local countries. This means there are wide discrepancies between the rules and protocols for charging IPT – for example, the Netherlands has a single IPT rate, whereas Italy has seven (including parafiscal charges). All EU countries require registered insurers, particularly those writing insurance under the Freedom of Services rules, to report, collect and pay over any taxes.

IPT Compliance

We also provide assistance to underwriters, brokers and the insured who face tougher local tax compliance requirements for Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) following the liberalisation of cross-border insurance. Our IPT fiscal representative service is the most extensive in the market; we consistently deliver the best settlement for our clients.

Alleviating the compliance burden

When it comes to taxation, the reporting requirement can be a burden - and one which could take your focus away from your core business. Talk to us about your needs, and let TMF Group take care of the hassle for you.

Our European experts lead the field, and understand the rules around compliance and fiscal representation. We developed IPT Quote with the London insurance market, which helps provide accurate and reliable premium tax calculations for any class of business around the world.

We often provide Intrastat and ECSL services in conjunction with our VAT Return filings service. We can provide guidance on the varying rules, and advise how best to compile the necessary data. We can also prepare and submit the local forms, in the relevant language, to help clients stay focused on their daily activities.

Talk to us about alleviating the compliance burden.

Corporate Income Tax

Working alongside our Accounting & Reporting teams, our Corporate Income Tax (CIT) experts are able to ensure that clients’ direct tax reporting obligations are fully met wherever they are operating local, taxable companies. They can also work directly with clients’ local accounting teams or shared service centres where only an outsourced tax compliance service is required.

Our CIT services include:

  • Preparing and full approval of tax filings
  • Submission to the appropriate authorities
  • Managing payments of tax liabilities on behalf of clients
  • Handling basic questions, notices or assessments from the tax offices

International VAT Registrations and Compliance

Helping you to overcome the obstacles of foreign tax regulations

Companies operating across international borders can quickly become burdened with complex and time consuming VAT or GST obligations and cash flow risks.

Add in language and business culture barriers, and the obstacles look insurmountable.

TMF VAT Services can help.

The largest independent VAT network

Operating through TMF Group’s 100+ global offices, TMF VAT is the largest independent provider of foreign VAT compliance and recovery services.

With professionals on the ground in regular, direct contact with the local tax authorities, we are on top of changes as they happen. This also means we can provide the best practical solutions to local issues for our clients.

What can we do to help

Single point of contact

We can offer a convenient single contact point, with efficient contractual and billing arrangements. This means clients need only deal with a single professional to secure their international VAT requirements.

VAT registrations and compliance simplified

If your company is trading in an EU Member State, there may be an obligation for it to register for VAT. You will be obliged to submit regular VAT returns and to pay over VAT collected.

For certain situations this may require the appointment of a Fiscal Representative, or additional reporting such as Intrastat and EC Sales Lists.

We are the largest independent provider of VAT registration and return services, and can help keep you compliant with all the numerous local requirements.

Secure and efficient VAT recovery

If your business incurs foreign VAT, you may be able to recover some or all of it. Offering an efficient and secure service, our extensive office network can ensure VAT reclaims are processed and repaid rapidly, helping to improve cash flow.

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