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As an independent third party fund administrator, our specialist team in Luxembourg can provide flexible solutions for your fund administration needs - from fund formation and ongoing administration, to depositary and shareholder services. We offer a full range of globalisation services, all of which help you stay compliant.

We have a focus on alternative investment funds and, primarily, on private equity and real estate but we also have exposure to trade financing debt funds and fund of fund structures.

Recognised as a world leader in providing a complete and independent service to fund managers, we work with most of the world’s leading independent money managers and family offices as well as funds of funds, banks and institutional funds. We are regulated by the Luxembourg supervisory body CSSF and maintain a number of audited controls reports.

Our services

Our team can help with a wide range of services, as listed below.

  • Onboarding:

- liaising with the promoters and all other parties and their professional advisors, collating the information necessary for inclusion in the offering documentation and the various agreements

- commenting of the fund offering document.

  • Depositary services*:

- cash flow monitoring

- due diligence of service provider and compliance monitoring

- oversight function for transaction of assets and share capital

- ongoing verification of asset ownership.

*for minimum five-year closed-end funds investing in non-bankable financial assets

  • Fund accounting:

- processing of portfolio-related transactions

- monitoring and processing capital subscriptions and redemptions

- reconciling bank accounts

- calculating official NAVs

- full wire transfer responsibilities

- facilitation of the annual audit

- financial statement preparation – our reporting team has extensive expertise in the preparation of financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and local GAAP.

  • Registrar and transfer agency services:

- receiving and recording the subscription, redemption, transfer, and switches of shares

- maintaining a copy of the register

- liaising with shareholders and prospective shareholders

- arranging for redemption payments or dividend payments

- collecting and collating the anti-money laundering and due diligence documentation of shareholders.

  • Regulatory reporting:

- AIFM-specific reporting quarterly according to Art. 3(3)(d) & Art.24(1) of Directive 2011/61/EU if required

- population of relevant sections of Annex IV of AIFMD

- country or industry specific reporting upon discussion  (i.e. Solvency 2).

  • Corporate secretarial services:

- assistance with the convening of board meetings including preparation of necessary documentation

- preparation of ad hoc written resolutions

- maintenance of the minute book of the fund (in conjunction with the registered office)

- filing of the annual return and audited accounts, if applicable, with the relevant regulatory authorities (in conjunction with the registered office).

  • Domiciliation:

- provision of registered office, also  used for the fund’s central administration

- provision of dedicated office space

  • FATCA services:

- account holder classification

- account holder analysis

- remediation

- report filing

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