Artwork at TMF Group London 2014

The following artist had their work displayed at our London office in 2014.

Peter Ҫan Bellamy - Paper Plans, 2013 - Unique original - Visit his website

TMF Value: Build for a sustainable future

Peter Ҫan Bellamy Peter Bellamy is a conceptual artist and final year student at Wimbledon College of Art, UAL. His work uses bright and vibrant colours in found objects to create visually stimulating and interactive spaces that question ideas of authorship in a work of art.

"I think now we have a responsibility to, where ever we can, make changes in our lives in respect to the waste we produce. As artists we are always looking for more ways to continue making, and the reality of that means that more people need to support and encourage emerging artists. Part of the support is meeting people who want to engage with the arts and have strong beliefs in its ability to provide joy and cultural value within our society".

Theresa Bruno - Rockstar, 2013 - Unique original - View this artist's website

TMF Value: Love excellence, be remarkable

Theresa Bruno Theresa Bruno is a conceptual artist who works predominantly with found phenomenon. Her practice is primarily engaged with appropriation; using choice as a tool for signification. She is a 'creative entrepreneur'; an 'ideas manager' who constructs, fabricates, synthesizes and mixes a multitude of mediums.

"I try to deliver excellence within my whole practice and this can be taken very literally in creating striking works and also through investment post degree. This piece is my most ambitious artwork in terms of scale, time and money".

Dami Kim - White Spider Web Tree, 2012View this artist's website

TMF Value: Love excellence, be remarkable

Dami Kim Dami Kim is an expressionist painter who finds inspiration in the beauty and energy of nature. Her use of raw and vibrant colours excites and helps draw in our gaze, while her complex compositional designs sit at the borderline between abstraction and figuration, r reflecting a mature sensibility and understanding of her place in a history of painting practices.

"I hope that other people will feel consoled or get a clearer idea of their goals through my work".

Iphigenia Papageorgiou - Transfer 5, 2012View this artist's website

TMF Value: Be passionate in all you do

Iphigenia Papgergiou

Iphigenia Papageorgiou works in a variety of mediums, from painting, to photography and digital media. Often collaging these together, she creates expressive and ambiguous artworks that use colour and abstraction to dissolve, or re-arrange, literal and contextual meaning in her subjects.

"For me it is always a story of finding a quality in things and turning them into something else".

Davinder Puwar - ZurpienVisit artist's website

TMF Value: Embrace opportunity

Davinder Puwar

Davinder Puwar is a London-based painter, investigating his relationship with the everyday world and painting in a digital age. His working process is highly meticulous, creating seams of painted systematic coded lines on canvas in various compositional arrangements. Through his style and subject, Puwar hopes to make us find expression and emotion in and behind the code and computer programming that is shaping our world, yet still looks and feels so alien.

Laura Ribbons - Brooklyn MuralVisit artist's website

TMF Value: Act with integrity and respect

Laura Ribbons

Laura Ribbons creates paintings based on observation, photography and memory, bringing these all together to create rich, textured and dynamic compositions. A graduate of UAL, Ribbons has developed a mature and considered working methodology, applying watercolour to canvas, and that convey a stillness and timelessness that is both recognisable and beyond our reach.

"Art has the power to change the way we see. It can show us what we want to see and at the same time force us to look at that which we would rather avoid".

Jack Tanner - Vanishing Point - View the artist's website

TMF Value: Be passionate in all you do

Jack Tanner

Jack Tanner’s artist practice involves creating highly structured and carefully rendered artworks composed from a mathematical system of thought. The use of various materials create the optical explorations which combine both the movement of physical form and colour.

"I view my practice as a journey, with a new generation of ideas being conceived through the act of making and drawing. Using the act of making as a form of discovery illustrates the importance of working manually, rejecting the notion of mechanical procedures".

Dominic Head - Verpixelt Berlin - Visit the artist's website

TMF Value: Act with integrity and respect

Dominic Head

Dominic Head is an artist living and working in London. His practice manifests popular online softwares and images as physical objects and works of art, such to critique them as non-functional physical objects in an offline space. His interests are in how the internet is transforming our ideas of privacy and respect in our on-and-offline lives.

"In my Art and in my life, the themes and understanding of the need to respect others and their beliefs is essential as we try to build a better, more tolerant and sustainable world".

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