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Lebanon-based Azadea Group enlisted support from TMF Group to help rapidly set up retail operations in Kazakhstan

One of the world’s fastest-growing retailers, Azadea Group needed to accelerate speed of entry into new market.

Over the past decade, Azadea Group has expanded into a new country virtually every year and in 2012 it moved into Kazakhstan. But events there conspired to put that advance in real danger of grinding to a halt.

TMF Group was able to recommend and appoint a Kazakhstani director to Azadea Group. All was accomplished within weeks rather than months.

"I estimate that we were operational at least 12 months earlier than if we had done everything in-house, but the fact that we had an experienced company able to provide temporary general directorship services meant we could sleep more easily in our beds." Taner Sayis, Country Manager for Azadea Group

View the full case study here.

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