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When setting up companies in new markets, Nova Founders Capital incorporates with TMF Group.

Headquartered in Hong Kong and London, Nova Founders Capital is a leading fintech investment group. Nova Founders Capital builds and supports sustainable, large-scale internet companies in the financial services sector. It provides continuous financial and operational support as its companies transition through the various start-up phases. Operating in over 20 markets globally, and 12 markets across Asia Pacific, the company is managed by a team of entrepreneurs that have founded and operated over 30 market-leading internet companies.

Martin Baumann, Chief Financial Officer at Nova Founders Capital, says, “As we roll out business models globally every year, we were looking for a professional service provider who could support us across borders with payroll, tax and company secretarial services to make sure we were compliant with all regulatory requirements of different jurisdictions – TMF Group has proved to be a reliant and competent partner on our expansion path.

“Whenever we enter a new market, which we do several times a year, we contact TMF Group and get the legal side done in a professional and swift manner. We work together on company secretarial, payroll and tax matters.

View the full case study here

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