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Sage | TMF Group Case Studies

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Sage explains how TMF Group has allowed them to focus on rapid growth in Europe.

Sage is a US medical products company and its core belief is that evidence-based interventions will lead to improved outcomes.

“As a privately held, medium sized company interested in expanding in Europe, we were keen to bring our product message to Europe without creating a huge infrastructure. TMF Group was the answer. They provided the opportunity to have a lot of third party services done in a simple and easy way – the bonus being that it was all through a single provider.. Its advanced patient hygiene products" says Matthew Ross, Vice President, International Division, Sage.

“From the beginning, TMF Group has handled our payroll for our European employees flawlessly at every stage of the process, meeting the unique legislation in each country. When it came time for me to move to Europe, they were also extremely helpful in domiciling us in Switzerland."

Read the full case study here.

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