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Expanding to Latin America: Key considerations for Human Resources and Payroll

07 July 2017

Expanding to Latin America represent a land of opportunity, and due to the complexity of each country, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the local rules and regulations. In this fact book you will find out important information about Human Resources and Payroll of the 5 main countries in Latin America.

07 July 2017 | Premium content | 9 pages

With a mixture of emerging and booming economies, political uncertainty and extreme contrasts in business customs, the Americas can never be categorized as one homogeneous whole.

When you operate in multiple countries and start to hire your employees, you must be aware to be fully compliant with the local labour regulations as well as your internal HR and Payroll policies.

Download this factbook to find out how HR and Payroll works in the following countries:

Also, get detailed information about:

  • Social Security System
  • Hiring/Retrenchment Issues
  • Foreign Personnel and Work Permits
  • Payrol Cycles and Overtime
  • HR Legislation
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