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Central and Eastern Europe

Whether you are entering Central and Eastern Europe for the first time or simplifying existing operations, we can give you a QuickStart.

The Central and Eastern European (CEE) region offers business opportunities for companies of all sizes, across all industry sectors. It boasts domestic market stability, lower-than-EU-average tax rates and favourable tax environments.

CEE has been developing at a faster pace than Western Europe and is considered one of the growth engines of the EU economy. According to the World Bank Group, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia will remain among the fastest-growing economies in the EU for years to come.*

TMF Group is here to help you realise your business opportunities in CEE, whether you are entering the market for the first time, or looking to simplify your operations.

With QuickStart you can:

  • Set up your business structure
  • Assure compliance on your accounting and tax processes
  • Align your employee payments with your corporate policies and local legislation
  • Be compliant with often complex regulatory changes in the region.

We have more than 25 years’ experience in CEE, and operate in nine countries of the sub-region:

*EU Regular Economic Report, The World Bank, 2015

We receive a range of services from TMF Group and if we ever have questions we use their experts to guide us. We feel that all of our compliance requirements are being met and that as a company, we are being provided with accurate information.

Thomas Bregenov, OMS Controller at Suzlon