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Doing Business in South Latin America

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The reality about doing business across borders

Establishing a business and starting operations abroad usually requires countless transactions.

When an entrepreneur decides to invest in new markets, there is a need to activate a series of processes such as: establishing a legal entity, a commercial registry, finding the right ways to import and export products and / or raw materials, obtaining construction permits, acquiring properties and/or apply for financial support.

Several regulations are applicable to this type of transactions and these determine a country’s level of complexity for establishing a new business.

There are two factors that influence significantly the level of complexity of a country:

  • Governments are creating additional layers of compliance - governments continue to demand that businesses provide them with more information about their corporate structures and their activities. Certain jurisdictions have specific goals of reducing red-tape but the main goal for most jurisdictions is to have access to more compliance-related information.
  • Increasing interconnectivity of the departments within governments -   governments are improving their internal effectiveness by actively sharing information. Collaboration between countries has also increased as they came together to combat money laundering and other illicit activities and to close tax loopholes. As a result, compliance and information sharing is increasingly becoming a priority for multinationals.

South Latin America

Although each country in South Latin America has different social and political environments, most offer an exceptional work force and economic incentives which provide opportunities for investors and businesses. Understanding the local culture, regulations, processes and requirements is key to avoid risks when investing in this region.

Interested in learning more about the region or a specific country? Request a country profile.

Key considerations when investing in South Latin America

  • Legal structures
  • Ongoing obligations
  • Incorporation procedures
  • Tax implications
  • Labor environment

At TMF Group, we understand that entering a new country comes with difficulties. Do you know about taxes and laws in Argentina? Are you aware of the complexities of payroll in Chile? Do you know how to obtain a permit to trade in Peru? We can help you.

QuickStart to Market Entry South Latin America

TMF Group is the global expert in local business. With a network of more than 120 offices across over 80 countries and about 6,500 employees - over 600 of them located within South Latin America -TMF Group has the in-country expertise and knowledge to help businesses of all sizes expand and operate both within and beyond their home markets.

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