The Merger and Acquisition process

The Merger and Acquisition process moves very fast especially once it is publicly announced. Everyone is watching your every move, waiting to see how it will pan out before they make investment decisions. You feel this pressure as a M&A advisor but also as a corporate.

It’s essential to make sure everything happens as smoothly as possible, as quickly as possible, with no mistakes. It’s the same little things that can trip you up in this process: 

  • getting the scope of services and pricing mechanisms right in a Transition Services Agreement (TSA) 
  • plans for major service continuity issues 
  • making sure your team has on-site, local expertise for entity structuring, statutory accounting and filings, and a locally compliant payroll and HR servicing model. 

And with M&As moving so fast, any one of the small details can be de-prioritised or even lost in translation while companies and lawyers focus on the deal’s minutiae. That’s why it’s recommended that multinationals working on a carve-out or M&A deal seek external compliance help from a single partner with in-depth knowledge of all markets involved in the deal. It could save money, resource - and, importantly, reputation.

In a nut-shell we can help with services required:

  1. During the TSA agreement 
  2. Post-close, pre-TSA exit
  3. Post-acquisition / integration 

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