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Introduction text that helps set the context of the page.

Main text is the main copy of the page. It contains the follow editor options, as specified in the Rich text editor profile. Main text can be copied and pasted from word using the word import tool. This strips out any unnecessary formatting required by word, and leaves the basics, which include line breaks and headings.

Images can be added inline, although this isn't advised, where possible, images should be added into specific image fields.

Text formatting tools include Bold & italic, and text can be hyper-linked to internal pages, or to external webpages. Symbols (™®©) can also be inserted using the symbol tool.

Bullet lists can also be created using standard bullets, or numbered lists:

  • Bullet list item 1
  • Second bullet list item
  • And finally a 3rd.
  1. Numbered list item 1
  2. Numbered list item 2
  3. Numbered list item 3