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An Exclusive TMF Group Client Loyalty Programme

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Value amplified. Experience simplified.

The Square is a global programme designed to bring you more opportunities and more benefits, more often. The higher you go, the more active you are in The Square, the more value you’ll find as you access new perks, offers and rewards at each level of membership.

Level Up: From bronze to platinum

We have restructured The Square to better reflect the types of opportunities and benefits, perks and rewards members want the most. Similar to a frequent flier programme, each ascending level offers members incrementally more value. 

New levels and exclusive benefits at a glance

How to earn badges and level up


Leveling up 

We’ve simplified the criteria for levelling up in The Square. This streamlined approach means you’ll know exactly what activities to take on in order to reach the next level. No time limits. At your own pace. 


Our Door is Always Open

You might be wondering how these changes to The Square will impact you. We’re here to help.

The short answer is your current standing in the programme will not be affected. Any points, badges and levels you have attained to date remain the same. We have prepared a document covering frequently asked questions. Please send us a message if you don’t find the answer you are looking for.