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Air Lease Corporation

Supporting global expansion for leading aircraft lessor.

Third-party expertise helps Air Lease Corporation move quickly into new markets.

Services for: Global entity management, accounting and tax, capital markets

Provided in: Bermuda, Ireland, Japan, Labuan, UK and the USA

Based in Los Angeles, California, USA, Air Lease Corporation (ALC) is a leading aircraft leasing company, principally engaged in purchasing commercial aircraft and leasing them to airlines. The company has customised aircraft leasing and financing agreements with more than 100 airline customers in 60 countries worldwide.

ALC identified the need for third-party support in many of the jurisdictions where it planned to conduct business. ALC’s ability to enter new markets quickly is critical to meeting its customers’ needs.

As ALC grows both its fleet and customer base around the world, it sees the value of external expertise to help it quickly assess the local market and regulatory landscape in a given country. Among the many issues it needs to consider is determining whether or not a local subsidiary or legal presence is necessary.

TMF Group was engaged in the formative stages of ALC, and continues to support the company through a wide range of services across global entity management, accounting and tax and capital markets.

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