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Pioneer in visual technologies looks for smart sourcing

RealD recounts the significant role that TMF Group played in their international expansion and journey to continue sustainable growth

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RealD is an innovator and licensor of stereoscopic (3D) and other visual technologies for use in cinemas and on consumer electronic devices, and has the world’s largest 3D cinema platform with more than 26,500 screens in 72 countries. It also provides its technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers and content producers and distributors to enable the delivery and viewing of 3D content. Since 2005, more than 1.5 billion people have enjoyed more than 250 blockbuster movies in RealD 3D.

As an innovative business, RealD is always on the hunt for new business opportunities, and with the consumer electronic devices market an expanding segment - potentially offering a second line of long-term, sustainable growth - the company knew it needed to set its eyes on Taiwan.

Says General Director of Product Management Vincent Chen: “Taiwan has a well-established original equipment manufacturing ecosystem with some of the largest electronics contract manufacturers in the world, as well as international brands of 3C, LCD panels and SoC (solution on chip). We wanted to tap into the local hardware supply chain and explore the possibility of incorporating our visual technologies into various display systems to perfect the visual experiences across cinema, prosumer and consumer applications. While there are many advantages to Taiwan, we have limited in-house resources to handle the incorporation and compliance matters of our foreign entities.

“I think TMF Group and technology firms like RealD are a good match as our business model doesn’t require us to have a big team and cumbersome operation. TMF Group’s professional knowledge and local expertise allows us to concentrate on developing our new technologies, the supply chain, and new business opportunities."

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