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Tate & Lyle

Global food and beverage provider reinvents its presence in Colombia

The sale of a joint venture led Tate & Lyle to formally established offices and operations in Colombia.

Services for: Accounting, HR and Payroll and Tax Compliance

Provided in: Colombia

Tate & Lyle is a global provider of ingredients and solutions to the food, beverage and other industries, with operations in over 30 locations worldwide. Through large-scale, efficient manufacturing plants, the company use innovative technology to turn raw materials into distinctive, high quality ingredients for their customers.

After the sale of a joint venture in 2013, Tate & Lyle decided to open a commercial office in Colombia, identifying almost immediately the need to work with a local partner that could help them with all the back office tasks like human resources and accounting, among other things.

Andean regional manager, Alvaro Velasco said: “We already had some vendors approved by our corporation, but we wanted to hire a company that could meet certain requirements like great knowledge of the local market, legal support capabilities, variety of service line, competitive price - and a very important one: the ability to adapt itself to our customer service methods. TMF Group was the best contender.”

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