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United Cacao

Services for: Accounting, Corporate Secretarial - Global Management, HR and Payroll and Tax Compliance

Provided in: Asia Pacific and the Americas

United Cacoa | TMF Group Case Study

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Global cacao producer found the right teammate to grow with in Peru

CEO for the only publicly-listed tropical plantation company in Latin America explains how TMF Group helped them meet their expansion ambitions. 

 United Cacao Limited SEZC (“United Cacao”) is the only publicly-listed pure-play cacao producer globally and currently the only publicly-listed tropical plantation company in Latin America. Through its wholly owned Peruvian operating subsidiary, Cacao del Peru Norte SAC (CDPN), the group seeks to become the world’s largest and lowest cost corporate grower of cacao.

Dennis Melks, Chairman and CEO of United Cacao Limited SEZC said: “TMF Group was already our partner in Asia, but not in such an extensive way as in Peru today. In 2011, we decided to invest in Peru and immediately found out that we were going to need support:  the language difference was an issue, but so was understanding the legal, tax and regulatory environment and, most importantly, we wanted to know how to reduce the risks that are possible when investing in a different country, particularly in Latin America. This is when we knew that extending our partnership with TMF Group was the best option.”

TMF Group is providing Payroll, Accounting, CoSec, Human Resources, Tax compliance, Market entry, and Legal representation services to United Cacao Limited SEZC in Peru.

View the full case study here > 

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