2020 China Retail Summit – Build Post Covid-19 New Normal for Retail Industry

03 December 2020
1:30 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.
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China’s retail industry has been going through ever-changing market demand following increases in consumption. Meanwhile, expectations from consumers are diversifying as technology develops. In 2020, the unprecedented pandemic led to a reduction in economic activity and offline consumption, which, with was undoubtedly a heavy blow to offline retail. Online stores, retailers, and live shows, on the other hand, are going viral. Under these circumstances, it’s time for the retail industry to sit together and shape the post-pandemic new normal.

TMF Group will organize the 5th China Retail Summit in Shanghai on Dec 3. Under the theme of “Build Post Covid-19 New Normal for Retail Industry”, we will bring together brands, human resource service provider, property service provider, and consultancy agency to share their insights, best practices, and lessons learned from this unusual period. In addition, TMF Group will provide a comprehensive look into the 2020 Global Business Complexity Index from the industry perspective, helping you understand the challenges and opportunities of doing business in 77 jurisdictions around the world.

Confirmed external speakers/panel lists from:

Bain & Company, Hays, Savills, DeBeers, Popeyes, Godiva, Disney etc.