EMEA and Global Business Briefing

15 September 2017
Lanchid 19 Hotel, Meeting Room: Danube  -  Lanchid U. 19, 1013 Budapest

What is the event?

The ‘EMEA and Global Business Briefing’ co-organised by DT-Global Business Consulting (CEEMEA Business Group).


Who will be attending?

Members of CEEMEA Business Group and executives operating in CEE and the CIS.


What is TMF Group’s involvement?

Representatives of TMF Group will attend and are happy to meet with you.


Attendees will be presented with a brief summary of where business stands now, focussing on sales, profits, exchange rates, inflation outlook, economic and GDP trends, interest rate outlook, oil price and global business trends.


Speaker: Danny Thorniley, President of DT-Global Business Consulting GmbH and co-founder of the CEEMEA Business Group


If you would like to attend the briefing or need further information, please get in touch with David Vas: david.vas@tmf-group.com