Karoshi - Managing employee overtime in Japan

05 September 2017

What is the event/webinar?

The recent wide coverage in the media about the “Karoshi” crisis (“working to death” in Japanese) has aroused the interests of the public and employers to learn more about labour regulations in Japan.

Both employers and employees have the obligation to understand certain rights and protections when it comes to overtime work.     

In this webinar, we will cover the current issues facing employers and employees, employment law in Japan and its implications, compliance and regulatory issues facing employers and tips on measuring and monitoring overtime work and its precautions.

With the recent news about Japan’s unemployment rate reaching its lowest level in 20 years, our experts will also discuss how this would affect the overtime culture and what authorities can do to help improve it.

Who will be attending?

  • Human Resources directors and managers
  • Legal counsel and compliance officers
  • Business owners
  • CFOs
  • Anyone who is interested in knowing more about the subject

What is TMF Group’s involvement?

This is a TMF-led webinar which provide insights on current labour issues and will discuss how the low unemployment rate in Japan will affect the overtime culture. Cameron Gray from TMF Japan will be the speaker, jointly together with Lawrence Carter from DLA Piper Japan, sharing knowledge and practical experience during this webinar. 

Speaker:  (Who will be presenting and what they will be discussing)

  • Mr Lawrence Carter - Partner, DLA Piper Japan
  • Mr Cameron Gray - Associate Director, HR and Payroll Services, TMF Japan