Mastering the challenges of Payroll Management in Europe – Poland Edition

28 February 2018
 -  Winosfera 00-035 Warszawa, ul. Bracka 25

This event will take place in Polish 

Join us on February 28, 2018 at 9:00 and take part of our business breakfast organized by "Harvard Business Review Polska" and TMF Poland, During the meeting you will learn, among others:

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What are the problems and challenges currently faced by administration departments of HR and payroll in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe and how to deal with them?

  • In what direction will the role of HR and payroll departments develop?
  • What are the next challenges for this department in the coming years and how to prepare for them?
  • Is the outsourcing of HR and payroll services a good solution? If so, to what extent? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • How do Polish HR and payroll managers assess their department in building a competitive advantage of a business?


9.00 - 9.30am - Registration of participants

9.30 - 09:45am - Opening of the meeting by an ICAN Institute expert

09.45 - 10.30am - Presentation of the TMF Group on Change is coming: The Annual Global Payroll Survey and ICAN Research study

10.30 - 10.45am - Coffee break

10.45 - 11.45am - Expert debate


  • Patrycja Strzelecka - Managing Director at TMF Poland
  • Mikołaj Pluciński – Managing Director at TMF Poland
  • Wiktor Doktór - prezes Fundacji Pro Progressio
  • Mariusz Smoliński - Director of the Research and Analysis Department, ICAN Research

About the event series:

TMF Group is hosting a series of events across Europe to present the results of its annual global payroll survey, and provide insights into the current challenges of, and future developments for, multi-country payroll management.

Attend to connect with industry leaders, human resources and payroll executives, directors and others in HR and payroll.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Challenges faced by global and in-country payroll professionals
  • Current adoption of global payroll systems
  • Payroll data and vendor management
  • Impact of technology and AI in payroll departments

Other event editions

  • London – 22 February
  • Sweden – March - To be confirmed

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