Securitization Event

21 March 2019
Full day
Barbizon Palace  -  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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TMF Group is sponsoring the Securitisation Event, organised under the joint guidance of Institute for International Research (IIR) and the Dutch Securitisation Association (DSA). The delegates will share insight into what the market looks like in the new regulatory environment and developing trends, as well as the impact on the different asset classes, and what the future role of securitisation will be for funding and capital management.

Philip Rutovitz, Director Client Services, will moderate a panel discussion titled "Alternative financing (Peer to peer, crowdfunding, impact on the Securitisation market)". Fiona Kettner, Jakob Boonman, Michael Moffitt and Alfonso Pagano will also be available to meet. 

If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting during the event, please reach out to Justyna Kawalko.