United we are better

19 February 2018
 -  Hotel InterContinental, San José
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TMF Group is proud to sponsor the “UNITED WE ARE BETTER” event, which marks the formal launch of the Association of Business Lawyers for Central America (AAEC). 

This event will serve as an opportunity for interested individuals to provide suggestions and recommendations that will inform the structure of the organization moving forward.

This event is only for in-house legal professionals and will feature a case study presentation by Harvard Law professor Scott Westfahl, a workshop and a cocktail hour. 

During this event, our in-house Regional Counsel for Latin America Paola Fonseca, and our Legal Counsel for Mid America Renata Muñoz, will participate leading the opening speech.

If you have any question, please feel free to reach out directly to: Cinthya.Alatriste@tmf-group.com.

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