Analytics Transformation in CFO Office

16 June 2022
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM (GMT+8)
Live Events  -  Teams

When the CFOs oversee a data transformation of traditional financial tasks, tools and practices, change is required. Because of that, the office of the CFO has become a tool of transformation within the organisation, helping to spearhead innovations that change the business for the better. With their role sitting at the centre of the strategic-planning process and financial disciplines, CFOs today are well-positioned to become critical drivers of data and digital transformation.

CFOs want data transformation that can increase the efficiency of analytic and business processes and enable better data-driven decision making.

Learn more about how TMF Group and Velocity Business Solutions can support in this entire data transformation.


  • Finance process automation
  • Key advantages for end-to-end advance analytics
  • Complexities in doing business internationally and its impact on data transformation, including its effect on tax and regulatory compliance, and the possible impact on ERP systems


Csaba Farkas headshot

Csaba Farkas, Head of Accounting and Tax, TMF Group

Shaweh Fong headshot

Shaweh Fong, Global Solution Architect, Accounting and Tax, TMF Group

Ian Whitehouse headshot

Ian Whitehouse, Managing Director, Velocity Business Solutions

Jan Chan headshot

Jan Chan, Solutions Consultant, Velocity Business Solutions

Analytics Transformation in CFO Office