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Best practices for subsidiary management during M&A

16 October 2018
12:30 - 13:30 (BST)
 -  On demand

Join ICSA: The Governance Institute and TMF Group for this 60-minute webinar during which our experts will provide practical tips and best practices on managing subsidiaries across Europe and globally in the decision-making processes behind mergers and acquisitions.

Drawing on their expertise and experience, our speakers will talk listeners through the importance of a uniform approach to good governance practices, and the need for specific approval procedures around the actions and spending of subsidiaries in relation to M&A.


Yvette van Loon - Regional Commercial Director, TMF Group

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  • General Counsel
  • Chief Risk Officer
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  • Head of Legal Compliance
  • Legal Director
  • Manager Risk Management
  • Senior Compliance Manager
  • Senior Counsel
  • Senior Legal Counsel

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