Business expansion clinic - UK to US

28 March 2023
15:00 to 15:50 (BST)
 -  Online
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For most businesses, the natural step after establishing a successful export channel is to set up a presence in market, but how do you determine when that is? What challenges are you likely to face and who can guide you through them? Then there are the questions about the US specifically; which state(s) should you have presence in? Can you operate without incorporating? When you incorporate, can you do so in one state and still operate in another?

During this virtual session TMF Group, Globalization Partners (G-P) and Santander UK will answer these questions and many more. You’ll hear from G-P on how you can quickly hire team members without the legal, tax, and HR burdens, and without setting up your own entity or subsidiary. You’ll also hear from TMF Group how to set up your new entity and structuring it in compliance with local laws, regulation, and official timelines.


Lior Ashkenazi, Group Director, Partners –G-P

Based in The Netherlands, Lior and her team are responsible for building strategic alliances and partnerships in South Europe, Benelux, and the Middle East for G-P. Born and raised in Israel, Lior has a substantial background of over 26 years within large system integrators, managing large and complex environments, and extensive commercial experience. Her expertise of more than 13 years working with partnership models helps G-P’s ever expanding business formation.

Xander Benjamins, Lead Solution Architect, Global Entity Management –TMF Group

Xander works with business developers and their prospects/clients as a subject-matter expert to understand clients specific requirements and scope out bespoke service solutions that fit all their needs. Xander rejoined TMF in 2020 and, prior to his current role, was also a Commercial Director, Americas.

Scott Reeves, Key Account Manager, Santander Navigator –Santander UK

Scott is responsible for owning the commercial relationships pivotal to the Santander Navigator platform’s national promotion. He has worked for Santander UK for over eight years where, before taking on his current role, he was their Japan and South Korea Desk Director between 2019 and 2022 having previously worked as the Business Manager of Santander UK’s International Proposition.

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