CEE Business Outlook: A booming summer or leftovers of Covid?

21 May 2021
09:00-10:30 CET
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CEE Markets in 2021: are they getting better after a slower first quarter?

Juraj Gerzeni, Head of EMEA at TMF Group will join a panel of guest speakers to discuss Business Outlook for CEE covering a broad range of topics, including:

  • The end of 2020 finished well economically for most CEE markets. The outlook for 2021 and especially 2022 seems good. EU funds helping and automotive not so bad? CEE still the “flying region”?
  • What are the key priority markets?
  • What are the working assumptions for GDP, inflation and currencies?
  • Is industry and investment out-performing a wary consumer?
  • Business stories from executives still sound good: does that apply to most?
  • And how do we define “decent results”? Single-digit growth?
  • The CEE consumers: jobs, wages, and savings. Which way do they go? Promotions and discounts still critically important?
  • What are current salary trends? The markets are not bad so talent can move and find other jobs?
  • Work from Home: what happens with this in 2021? The process of making it permanent in part for 25% of staff
  • What’s happening with e-commerce and digital? Over 20% of revenues: when?