De-mystifying ERP localisation projects: the key practical advices from experts

01 June 2022
15:00 (GMT) | 10:00 (EDT)
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The post-covid recovery of businesses in their M&A and expansion activity imposes difficult ERP challenges to international businesses.

Companies should focus on different aspects when conducing ERP projects which include areas such as:

  • Processes
  • People
  • Local accounting and tax rules
  • IT requirements

Join Csaba Farkas, head of global accounting and tax consultancy at TMF Group, to learn more about the common pitfalls in ERP localisation projects and practical matters that should be prioritised in finance teams’ agenda.

Localising an ERP system becomes a necessity, rather than a choice for businesses. Due to OECD’s proposed changes under Tax Administration 3.0, pressure mounts for companies to implement new ERP systems which have built-in and real-time compliance, with limited human intervention. 

Implementing a new ERP system always introduces additional complexities and challenges to businesses and their financial teams. In a recent survey conducted by TMF, most companies expect to face major challenges with people, processes, and in-house expertise in future ERP localisation projects.

  • What are the key challenges in localising ERP systems?
  • What should businesses consider in ERP localisation projects?


  • Paul Wheeler – Oracle Implementation Leader, Monument Data Consulting Inc.
    Paul has been implementing Oracle Applications solutions for 25 years spanning Financials, EBTax, SCM, P2P, O2C, Trade Management, Discrete MFG, and INV/WMS.

  • Csaba Farkas – Head of Accounting and Tax Consultancy, TMF Group.
    Csaba leads the global accounting and tax consultancy practice within TMF Group. His team guides international clients through their ERP localisation projects in case of an ERP upgrade, implementation or migration project. This team has extensive experience with several different ERP systems.

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De-mystifying ERP localisation projects