The easiest and hardest places to do business around the world

17 June 2015
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What is the podcast? 

The burden of managing various international entities continues to be a major headache for multinational companies and their boards of directors. It is a difficult task, soaking up hundreds of hours to monitor deadlines, interpret legislation and prepare foreign documents.

Growing internal and external stakeholder pressure, changing regulation and the continued expansion by multinationals into new territories have all added to the compliance responsibilities shouldered by their in-house teams. But it’s not just stakeholders; the compliance burden is a reputational risk too. Regulators are getting tougher; fines are getting bigger; prosecutions are increasing.

Our Director of Global Business Development talks to the Business Podcast of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia about the 2014 Global Benchmark Complexity Index and how to stay compliant in an increasingly complex business world.

The podcast also covers:

  • Where in the world can you do business today?
  • Which countries is it easiest and hardest to do business?
  • What makes it so hard and complex?
  • Where does Australia fit?
  • If I want to set up business in a foreign country, I need advice and what do I do?
  • Is TMF Group going to hold my hand?

The report of the 2014 Global Benchmark Complexity Index can be downloaded here.


  • Dr Duff Watkins - Director, ExecSearch International
  • Andrew Pointer - Director of Global Business Development, TMF Group
The easiest and hardest places to do business around the world