The what, why and when of escrow

30 August 2018
09:30 – 09:45 (BST) | 16:30 –16:45 (SGT)
Webinar  -  On demand

Changing regulatory environment and market dynamics are driving more new and smart escrow alternatives globally today. Companies can benefit substantially by using the right escrow service that serves their specific needs.

Traditionally, banks and law firms provide escrow services to enable prospective purchasers to show their commitment to potential acquisitions and to provide evidence that they have the funds available, for example. 

Regulatory rulings and market dynamics are now driving change. There are new, flexible escrow options that can reduce risk, increase transaction speed and better serve the needs of investors and businesses. It’s well worth exploring options to find the right escrow services for your specific needs.

In this bitesize webinar Sue Lawrence explains the what, why and when of escrow.

Speaker: Sue Lawrence, Managing Director UK