Webinar Series: Financial complexity, a know-how guide to accounting and tax compliance in Hong Kong

07 September 2018
Webinar  -  On demand

What is the event? 

Want to remain compliant and competitive in international markets? Financial complexity is an often-overlooked factor that multinational businesses need to pay more attention to.

In our 15-minute webinar series, we’ll be spotlighting some hot and emerging countries. If you’re a finance leader seeking a deeper dive into the accounting and tax arena, please join us.

For this 15-minute webinar, we’ll be diving into financial complexities in Hong Kong.

TMF Group’s Financial Complexity Index (FCI) ranks 94 jurisdictions globally, based on their complexity from a financial compliance perspective. By this, we mean the ease with which companies can deal with taxes, adhere to reporting requirements, maintain company accounts, and execute cross-border transactions. 

Hong Kong is always considered as an ideal business gateway for outbound business. In this session, we are going to share with you the major development on accounting and tax systems around the region and address the top 3 compliance issues facing by MNCs.

Join Kenneth Lee, Head of Corporate Services of TMF Hong Kong to learn more how you can mitigate risk and ensure your business is fully compliant under the dynamic business environment.   

Who would benefit from this webinar?

  • CFOs, Finance Directors, SVP/VP Finance, Controllers, Corporate Finance, Corporate Secretaries, IR, Finance Heads, Finance Managers
  • Heads of Treasury, Treasurers
  • Auditors, Risk Officers, Tax Officers, Accountants
  • CEOs, COOs, Presidents, VPs, Chairmen, MDs
  • Chief Compliance Officers, Heads of Compliance

The Financial Complexity Index 2018

What are most and least complex jurisdictions in the world for accounting and tax compliance?

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