Global Business Complexity Index – challenges and trends

03 October 2022
5:30 pm (GMT +1)
 -  Webinar
Join us

TMF Group is hosting a panel discussion with our CEO Mark Weil, Sir Martin Sorrell and Fred Watt. The panel will discuss this year’s main global business trends, including complexities resulting from the world events.

The conversation will be moderated by FT journalist Jacopo Dettoni and topics include:

  • How complexity influences investment decisions
  • Current geopolitical crises and future trends
  • Doing business in countries with political and economic challenges
  • The UK and its attractiveness to foreign investors
  • The future: will business be easier or harder in five years’ time? [GS3]


Headshot of Mark Weil

Mark Weil - CEO at TMF Group

Headshot of Sir Martin

Sir Martin Sorrell - Chairman at S4 Capital

Headshot of Fred Watt

Fred Watt - Managing Partner at CVC