Global tax transformation – Three rising trends CFOs should know about

17 August 2022
14:00 BST
 -  Online

Join ITR and TMF Group’s tax experts at 2pm BST on August 17 as they discuss trends towards global alignment, stricter governance, and increasing digitalisation – and how tax teams can achieve success in this environment.

Global tax trends indicate a mixture of good and bad news for tax teams, creating an environment in which risk and opportunity sit side-by-side. This is according to research by TMF Group, published in its Global Business Complexity Index (GBCI) 2022.

Tax authorities are becoming stricter: the percentage of jurisdictions that allow companies to voluntarily correct their tax returns without receiving a fine has decreased since 2020.

Authorities are also making use of big data to target companies deemed to be high-risk.

However, jurisdictions are increasingly bringing their tax policies into alignment, which creates opportunities for efficiency. Authorities are also displaying a desire to work with and support companies. While 27% of jurisdictions reported that no notice was needed before a tax audit in 2020, this has dropped to 19% in 2022.

In this mixed environment, tax teams should keep on top of the changes, and the risks and opportunities they bring, to protect and advance their company.

Join TMF Group’s tax experts for advice on how to find success in a climate of growing global alignment, stricter governance, and increased digitalisation.


  • Emine Constantin- Global solutions director, Accounting and Tax
  • Maja Mandela- CEE Head of Accounting and Tax
  • Vitor Benetti- Senior manager, Accounting and Tax, TMF Group
  • Aphro Hong- Associate Director and Market Practice Leader, Accounting & Tax, China & Taiwan

Moderator: Alice Jones, Commercial Editor, ITR

Global tax transformation – Three rising trends CFOs should know about