Harvard Business Review Poland webinar: Operational risk

21 May 2019
10:00 AM
Webinar  -  On demand

The next TMF Group and Harvard Business Review Poland webinar will be focused on operational risk management. Maria Rosnowska, Director of Cluster Operations will discuss the topic with ICAN Institute experts and partners.

The unpredictability and high volatility of business reality today means that CFOs must take into account and manage many types of financial risks. Few realize that operational risk does not apply only to financial directors, but to a large extent also ... all employees! What does this mean for the CFO and the entire organization?

  • Why operational risk does not only affect the CFO, but every employee in the organization.
  • What steps the CFO can take to reduce this risk.
  • How the activities of employees and personnel departments affect operational risk.
  • How operational risk levels should be determined.
  • How to effectively identify operational risks.
  • Tips that help manage this operational risk more effectively.

The webinar will be conducted in Polish.

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