How to harmonize the accounting and tax impact in your company: key considerations, challenges and trends in Uruguay and Paraguay

09 November 2017
 -  On demand

When operating in a diverse global market, knowledge and understanding of local requirements for financial compliance can mark the difference between cross-border commerce success or failure.

As more and more countries in Latin America seek to automate and digitize the information storage and reporting requirements, it is important that organizations have access to local expertise to help with their accounting and tax compliance. Thus, they can be efficient from the operational point of view and reach their full business potential.

TMF Group, Vouga Abogados and Preve Abogados invite you to an online seminar, in which experts will discuss the main accounting and tax issues and complexities in Paraguay and Uruguay, and the considerations that companies must take into account when starting operations in a new destination.

Webinar directed to:

  • CEO | CFO | CHRO
  • Managing Directors | General managers | Regional directors
  • Business development directors/Managers
  • Administration/Finance Directors/Managers