HR & Payroll: Navigating complex requirements in turbulent times

09 December 2020
2 p.m.(GMT)
 -  Online
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Human Resources and Payroll are crucial pillars of business operation that require close attention to official regulations and customs in each market. They demand attention when businesses are first setting up as well for business as usual activities.

Research from the TMF Group 2020 Global Business Complexity Index (GBCI) shows that the legislative complexity associated with managing HR and Payroll varies considerably between different jurisdictions.

During this webinar we will explore the main areas of TMF Group’s brand-new report about global HR and Payroll complexities:

  • Hiring and terminating employees
  • The ongoing management of HR and payroll
  • The relationship between international workforces and local rules
  • Technology as an enabler for both employers and employees

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