Key considerations for an employee-centric payroll

21 October 2021
10:00 a.m. (EST)
 -  Online

Consolidating payroll operations offers significant benefits, as it helps to reduce risk and overheads, while tightening controls.

There are several considerations companies should keep in mind on their consolidation journey and a new paper, created by Everest Group and presented to you by TMF Group, looks at the most important ones.

The paper touches on the following key aspects of multi-country payroll:

  • The payroll journey so far
  • The pandemic and its implications for payroll
  • Payroll consolidation and its benefits
  • The role of next-generation technology
  • Key considerations for enterprises when planning consolidation
  • Jeld Wen: a case study of payroll consolidation.

Global payroll specialists from both TMF Group and Everest Group hosted a live session to discuss the paper's findings and share their views on how the consolidation of global payroll operations can impact upon employee experience.

Key considerations for an employee centric payroll