Managing Payroll in a Pandemic: How U.S. Companies Are Rising to the Challenge

02 December 2020
13:00 pm ET
 -  On-demand
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In collaboration with the American Payroll Association, we will host a webinar which will explore the challenges of managing payroll in a COVID-19 pandemic environment and how these challenges will affect your business.

You will learn how U.S. companies are meeting current obligations to employees and the long-term impacts of getting back to business. By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • Payroll and human resources challenges and how they will affect your business
  • Responsibilities to your employees, along with ways that the workplace may change in the future
  • The long-term impacts on payroll, HR operations, and employees as businesses resume operations.

If you are not a member of APA, use our promocode TMF12220 to register at no cost. Its use is limited to a maximum of two registrations per company. This promocode is not valid for TMF Group employees.

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