Meeting the challenge of local accounting and tax compliance in Latin America

07 December 2017
14:00 (EST) USA
Webinar  -  On demand

More and more U.S. domestic companies are tempted by the possibility of growth beyond the national borders. However, many of these companies are facing considerable challenges related with having to adapt to, and comply with, a diverse range of tax laws, rules and regulations.

The tax and accounting systems in Latin American countries pose their own significant challenges. Five out of 22 countries from this region rank among the top 20 most complex jurisdictions in the world, according to TMF Group’s Financial Complexity Index 2017.

In this 60-minute webinar, Latin American tax experts – who will focus on Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico - will identify the key factors that cause complexity to increase complexity. Among other topics, experts will discuss the implementation of IFRS and the challenge of dealing with multiple internal withholding systems, and will summarize what’s on the horizon in terms of short and long-term compliance developments, including the prospects for tax reform.


  • Stephen Griffiths, Senior Advisor, US and Latin American for International Schools Partnership
  • Randy Worzala, Head of Sales Americas, TMF Group
  • Lionel Nobre, Tax Director LatAm at Dell Inc
  • Francisco José Zamora Valencia, International Tax Advisor Mexico City

Who would benefit most from this webinar?

C-suite executives (CEO, CFO) and in-house corporate counsels. Managers/Directors/Vice-Presidents of Accounting, Finance, Tax, Business Development. Financial Controllers.

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