New opportunities for the alternative fund market: structuring your investment opportunities in Portugal

07 April 2022
10:30a.m. - 12:00p.m. (CET)
 -  Online

- Withholding tax recovery within the EU
- Investment management set-up

Portugal is becoming a well-known jurisdiction for the funds’ industry. The recent ECJ decision on AllianzGI-Fonds AEVN (C-545/19) – a process based in Portugal – may become a turning point for investment funds facing withholding tax leakage and creates an opportunity for withholding tax refunds EU-wide. Also, Portugal has been successfully attracting foreign investment in a variety of economic sectors, especially in real estate development and exploitation. Due to the legal, tax and financial incentives in force, the market is raising awareness and interest in regulated entities, leading to a diversification of stakeholders – both at the investor level and on the type of investment structure(s). Luxembourg has been a key jurisdiction for a significant part of recent investments.


1. TMF Luxembourg: Investment Opportunities in Luxembourg with Funds. Offer and efficiency – restrictions due to the fact that in some investment countries withholding taxes are being applied 

2. VDA: The end of withholding taxes for (Luxembourg) investment funds? Takeaways from Allianzgi-Fonds AEVN Case (C-545/19)

3. TMF Portugal: Portugal as an investment destination: corporate taxation, key figures and main incentive regimes – role of TMF PT and services

4. VDA: Portuguese investment structuring: why are investors moving from corporate vehicles to investment companies / investment funds?

a. Investment Funds/Investment Companies (≈SICAV/SICAF)

b. Venture Capital Funds (≈SICAR)

c. The new SIGI (≈REIT)

5. TMF Luxembourg: final remarks & Q&A 


  • Mariana Verissimo (Country Leader, TMF Portugal);
  • Anja Grenner (Head of Sales Fund Services, TMF Luxembourg); 
  • Francisco Cabral Matos (Partner, VdA Portugal);
  • Carlos Couto (Senior Associate, VdA Portugal).
New opportunities for the alternative fund market: Structuring your investment opportunities in Portugal

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