Why one third of carve-outs fail and how to get them right

25 June 2020
11:00 - 12:00 CEST
 -  On demand
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Private Equity is well-suited to carve-outs involving undermanaged parts of companies. In the current climate – with businesses looking to unload and restructure amid economic turmoil – the temptation to go after carve-outs and spin-offs is high. However, research shows that not all global carve-outs are going to plan.

A recent survey by TMF Group found that over a third (34%) of senior executives from Private Equity firms have said that their most recent cross-border carve-outs failed to deliver on expectations. A further 24% said that costly overruns significantly impacted the deal.

This webinar will take a deeper dive into the figures published from the survey and explore the advantages and challenges of carve-out deals.

Opening words: Annette Olschinka-Rettig, Managing Director, BAI e.V.

Challenges will be illustrated/outlined by way of a case study: Ben Fielding, Market Head of Business Development for UK and Ireland, TMF Group

Summary of the market study: Vjollca Berisha, Commercial director, TMF Group