How do global companies manage their regulatory compliance risks?

19 September 2019
22:00 GMT+8
Webinar  -  On demand

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Regulatory compliance is complex – it shrinks in some jurisdictions and areas of business practice, but grows in others.

Globalisation is changing the way we work: the international drive towards financial transparency is reshaping requirements and boosting conformity across different jurisdictions – but this doesn’t always make life simpler.

Key highlights

In this webinar, our panel of speakers will explore some complexities around international expansion and international entity management:

  • What are the drivers of complexity in managing global entities while being locally compliant
  • Which are the more complex jurisdictions for starting a business – a look at legal procedures and requirements, incorporation difficulty etc
  • Regulatory compliance challenges – what to look out for and how to manage them

What is TMF Group's involvement?

TMF Group is proud to partner with Asia Risk to host this webinar which will focus on sharing insights and discussing global compliance and governance issues. The format of the webinar is a panel discussion and will bring on-board other esteemed panellists comprising of corporate in-house legal counsels as well as the CEO of Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa (CCASA).

Our speaker

Leila Szwarc, Global Head of Compliance and Strategic Regulatory Services, TMF Group

How do global companies manage their regulatory compliance risks