Russia-CIS Business outlook

24 June 2021
09:00-10:30 CET
 -  Online
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Dmitry Shvetsov, Managing Director Russia and CIS at TMF Group will join a panel of guest speakers to discuss the Business Outlook for Russia and CIS covering a broad range of topics, including:

  • How does the first half year look?
  • Are we in the midst of a global and summer Russia business boom?
  • How long will these good times last?
  • Have we recovered corporately and psychologically from 2020 or is it much too early?
  • Russian vaccines and warmer weather boosts consumer confidence?
  • Inflation is starting to come down through the summer months or is it still sticky at above 5.5%?
  • The double rate is dictated by geopolitics: should be steady as we think little sanction risk. Or is that worse than expected?
  • A hot summer of political demonstrations in Belarus?
  • What is the clearer picture on government spending: after 6 months we should know now?
  • Official wages and employment trends were not bad at start of year: still holding on?
  • How much will companies grow in 2021: aiming for single digits with upside risk.
  • But what happens after spring 2022: back to normal and low GDP growth of 1.5% to 2.2% after decent 2020 and rally in 2021?
  • What are salary levels (back to normal?) and how many staff will be in the office this year: how is Work From Home working?
  • What’s happening with e-commerce and digital?