Is your Singapore company’s constitution ready for the future?

07 July 2016
 -  On demand

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What is the Webinar?

On 3 January 2016, we saw the implementation of Phase 2 changes to the Singapore Companies Act. One of the key changes is the merging of the memorandum and articles of association into a single document called the constitution.

By definition, the constitution is a set of regulations according to which your company is governed. This includes the terms of the company’s structure, aims and also the internal regulations which set out the rights as well as obligations of the shareholders and directors; it can include everything from the conduct of board and general meetings to the appointment of directors.

Watch our panel of experts from TMF Singapore on this 30-minute webinar to get practical tips to understand the salient new terms in the Constitution including:

  • Introduction of the Electronic Register of Members (EROM)
  • Updating the EROM upon transfer of share or allotment of new shares
  • Electronic transmission of notice to shareholders
  • Flexibility to re-denominate shares in other currencies


  • Sharon Yeoh - Director, Head of Corporate Secretarial
  • Robin Yoo -  Director, Corporate Secretarial
  • Janice Lai - Senior Manager, Corporate Secretarial